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Spiritual Centre on IR 4 The Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) belongs to the Secwepemc Nation. Historically there were as many as 35 Secwepemc Communities, but today there are 17 communities or Bands recognized within the Secwepemc Territory. Adams Lake Indian Band is a member of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council (SNTC) , which consists of 10 Secwepemc Bands. To Find out more about the Secwepemc Nation, see [www.SpiritMap.ca], a website focused on the Language, history and culture of the Secwepemc People.

ALIB provides an extensive array of services to its membership, including a domestic water system and sewer system on Sahhaltkum I.R. 4. Adams Lake Band is home to a well-known language immersion school, Chief Atahm School (www.chiefatahm.com). The majority of the administrative offices are located on I.R. 4, adjacent to the Village of Chase and overlooking Little Shuswap Lake. The Nexe7yélst/Pierre Moyese Centre on Switsemalph I.R. 6, near Salmon Arm, along with administrative functions, provides health and social services.

The Natural Resource Department is involved in Global Information System (GIS) mapping projects. The GIS Department provides mapping services to many regional clients and is expanding to include clients from other areas within the province. Adams Lake Development Corporation (ALDCO), owned by the Band, is undergoing a restructuring process which has already produced measurable benefits. The two largest ALDCO operations are: a 10,000 sq ft covered mill; and a large lakefront development, West Harbour Village.



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ALIB Band Administration Building video & survey

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ALIB Lands Negotiation with MOTI

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Notice of Appeal to 2016 By-election

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Lakes Division Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs

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Lakes Division Empowering Aboriginal Generation of Leaders & Entrepreneurs 

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ALIB By-Election Feb 13, 2016
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Updated - Community Panel Removal from office of Band Council Member
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